It’s sometimes such a chore to get in your car , drive to the gym, and get a successful workout in when you already had such a busy day. Today we are going to be sharing *3 easy workouts that you can do from home to get your body toned.

It’s easy to get discouraged thinking you have to go to the gym just to get a nice body. Don’t fret. We have it figured out for you.


Workout #1 Side lunges

Muscles benefited from this exercise


Hamstrings , Glutes and Quads


A side lunge works your inner and outer thighs!! bonus!!


We are using a resistance band, for more intensity. But you can also do this workout without.


Start by taking a big step to one side and turn the leading foot so that it is a right angle to the foot you are standing on. Lower your knee 90 degrees and keeping the trailing leg straight. Stand , then bring your leg back into a full standing position.



Workout #2

 One arm over head presses



Muscles benefited from this exercise:

Shoulders, Upper back, Chest, Triceps, Core.


We are going to be using a 15 pound dumbbell for this one.


For this exercise hold the dumbbell up by your shoulder, then, pressing up the weight, pass your ear straight up , then press down. You really want to make sure you engage your core in this exercise so you can get the full effect. Tighten your core while pushing up the weight for a nice ab burn.

Repeat this exercise on each arm for 10-15 reps - 3 sets.


If you want to have really nice full arms this workout is perfect for you! It work  on triceps and that  is a very important part in getting nice toned arms.


Workout # 3

Side-line leg raises

Muscles benefited from this exercise:

glutes, thighs and hips


These exercises help improve posture as well as your balance, also working your core and strengthening your back.


You can do this exercise anywhere! All you need is an elevated surface. We just used a bench.

Start with your bottom leg bent and your top leg extended over it while keeping your toes pointed down to the ground . It is important to keep your toes flexed so you can feel the burn in your legs thus gaining intensity. Lift your leg - Squeeze at the top and then release. Repeat 10 times on other leg. We like to do three sets of 10 reps!



There you have it! A Full Body Workout with just 3 simple exercises. We always love a good at home workout. Don’t ever let your fears of going to the gym get in the way of getting you the body of your dreams .

Also, remember to stay hydrated!


Hope your day is going well.

Now get working out!!!



-Allie and Ashley

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