5 signs you are not fat! You are just bloated instead and how to get rid of it.


The first reason that might be making you  bloated is you don’t drink enough water.

The body needs at least 6-9 glasses a day of water. Drinking water helps to naturally flush our system of extra water we might retain. You may think drinking water makes you bloated. But downing several glasses will restore your sodium levels. So your body will give up fluids.

So ditch the the sodas and try replacing them with water. You’ll see a difference with your bloat.


You might be bloated because of too much salt in your diet.

Trying cutting down on salt . Salt makes your body ration water. It’s hard sometimes to watch your salt intake because most canned meals or even restaurants meals have a ton of salt. Try home cooking your meals so you know your salt intake. You’ll notice a difference with bloating.


You over eat.

This is easy to do . Over eat . But everyone knows to much food.....Makes you bloated.... try smaller meals and you’ll notice a huge difference.


You eat to fast.

When you do eat try taking your time to really chew your food and enjoy it. Eating to fast doesn’t give the body time to process it. By taking smaller bites and eating at a slower pace will leave the body less bloated.


You are stressed.

Stress itself can put pressure on your stomach and abdomen. That creates a poor environment for food. Which leads to bloating.

Try taking a few minutes to meditate or relax before indulging in a meal.



Hope you found this helpful. Remember to drink your water.

Hope your week is going well.


Allie and Ashley.



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