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So with everything going on it’s such a stressful time. We are all just trying to cope and get through this. Today we are going to be sharing a super food that can help you though this hard time. It’s GARLIC !🧄 You may say “garlic?”. YES. Garlic has so many properties that we often overlook. Today we are going to be sharing just a few of the amazing benefits and properties on just how amazing garlic is and it’s different uses.



Lets talk vitamins.

Garlic is full of Vitamin B6

Having Vitamin B6 helps you maintain a healthy body and brain.

Vitamin B6 can help reduce bad moods.  It also promotes brain health and reduce alzheimer’s disease. It may help prevent clogged arteries and help with heart disease. Vitamin B6 can help hormones thereby reducing stress.


Garlic contains many vitamins and minerals including iron and potassium. It helps support your heart, normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


So let’s talk about how healthy Garlic is to protect you from sickness. Including the common cold.

Garlic is known to boost immune system. A study found that eating garlic daily helped reduce the number of common colds. How long the cold lasted was also reduced from having garlic. Other study’s also showed that from having aged garlic helped reduce the symptoms of the flu.


Do you have a cold sore ??
Grab some garlic! A popular cold sore remedy is to chop up some garlic and rub it on your cold sore. It’s natural ingredients and anti-viral properties can help reduce swelling and pain.




Oh no! It’s about to be allergy season!!!

Garlic is one of the best natural decongestants!! You can use garlic to help relieve sinus pain and pressure🧄 due to its strong smell. Crush up some garlic and apply to the nasal area. The Allicin present in the garlic helps thin the mucus, blocking the nose passage. It also reduces clogged airways and inflammation.


Do you have trouble breathing?

 If you have trouble breathing and your sinuses are full, don’t feel that you need to eat the garlic, you can also take a garlic clove and put it into a pot of hot boiling water. Then, carefully inhale the hot air and feel your sinuses relieved.



Do you have tooth pain???
You guessed the answer, garlic!!!! You can either chew on some garlic or place a clove on the resting tooth pain. Garlic works by killing the bacteria in your mouth, which may help reduce swelling and soreness. You can also make a paste and rub it on the painful area.



Garlic health supports a healthy immune system 

 Because Garlic is loaded in vitamin C, instead of grabbing an orange, you can grab some garlic add it into your chicken and salad or cook it and add it into your bread to create a delicious garlic treat! 


You also don’t have to just eat it. You can crush up some garlic and put it in water a drink it!!! It wI’ll still  have the same properties.


Garlic isn’t just antiviral, it’s also antibiotic and antibacterial. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin which helps promote the production of white blood cells and it helps fight against toxins.


Garlic can clear acne.

It might not be the main ingredient in your daily cleanser but it is known to help reduce that ugly acne. It’s in the antioxidants in the garlic which kills the bacteria. Try it for yourself! Take a clove of garlic and rub it on your pimple. It also helps with other skin problems such as fungus and psoriasis.


Garlic is also being studied for its ability to boost the immune system and even possibly cure cancer !!!!


Whew. The list could go on and on!!!! We love garlic! Don’t let the scent fool you or push you away from such an amazing food!!

Insta- cart some garlic. You know we already did;)


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