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So today we are here to show you how to get the best glutes of your life in just three exercises! Plus, You don’t need to leave your house to do these! So no excuses!
Let’s get started


Exercise #1.

Leg kick back

What you are going to do for this exercise is start by getting on all fours. Take your left (or right) leg and push it up and back towards the sky. You want to make sure you tighten your glute at the top and squeeze. Repeat on other leg. We like to do 4 sets of 10 on this exercise.


Also for an added ab exercise. You can bring your knee into your chest when finishing off each exercise.



Second exercise.

Hip thrusters

For this exercise lay flat on your back and rise your hips upwards. Hold and squeeze up at the top for 10 seconds to feel the burn! Repeat 10 times with 3 sets. This is going to workout your Glutes! You can also add a weight Plate on top of your hips for more intensity.

Hip thrusters are such a beneficial workout because not only do they help with strengthening your glutes, they also help to improve your strength and power with other exercises.



The last and final exercise to get your glutes popping is..

One Legged- raised hip thrusters.

This exercise is very similar to the hip thrusters. Instead of just raising the hips up to a 90 degree angle we are going to be lifting one leg up in a straight leg position towards the sky.

This is a really concentrated exercise, so you can really get the full affect in that gluteus  Maximus. One of our favorites! Try a burn out set of these at the end and trust us, your Glutes will feel the burn!  Yyou will thank us later when you see the results!


There you have it! Three easy exercises to get those glutes popping in no time! Remember, you can workout legs two to three times a week! So get working!


Hope your week is going well and you found this helpful. Let us know if you try these exercises and what you think of them below!


Good luck!




Allie and Ashley


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