Get fit for the new year ! Let’s get balanced and rejuvenate yourself for 2021!

It’s 2021 a new year and we all want to start this year on the path to bettering and becoming our best self! We are here to help make your journey a little easier and help you get stronger mentally physically and emotionally this 2021!

Let’s start with our workout tips !

We want to take this process and make it fun and easy! You don’t have to start 2021 off with forcing yourself to workout so hard that you never want to do it again! Be gentle on yourself!


Let’s start with some stretching.

Light stretching

Sky stretch. Lift your arms and stretch to reach the sky

Neck roll - gently roll side to side your neck

Toe touch- touch the ground if you can!

Shoulder roll - roll those shoulders forward and back ward

Quad stretch, bend your knee one at a time and foot to reach your buttocks

Runners stretch - leg straight out , other leg cropped in towards bottom stretch with hands and pull on foot

Butterfly stretch - spread your legs and press down almost like a pretzel position


Now you are ready to get started with the workout!

Cardio! Jog in place 1 minute! You can even dance to your favorite song! Dancing gets the blood pumping and burns calories!

Chicken wings! 3 sets of 10

Stand with arms bent holding weights or water bottles in a chicken wing position. Extend both up ward and come back to resting

Curtesy curls! 3 sets of 10

Stand in a position with weights or water bottles with you at your sides and perform a curtesy squat with one leg behind the other and curl the weights as you are doing this !

Lunge pull ups! 3 sets of 10!

Perform a lunge excessive by standin with one leg in front of the other, dip your back knee toward the ground while also perform a pull up motion with weights or water bottles by your sides

Pile press! 3 sets of 10!

Stand with let’s hip distance width apart , toes pointed outward and drop down onto a squat position and push arms with weight into the sky !

Side extensions , 3 sets of 10! Arms by sides and holding water bottles or weights , extend arms out and then back to a resting position.

Hammer curls! 3 sets of 10!

Arms by sides , act like you are banging a hammer by your side , then come back to resting position.

Single leg row! Stand on one leg with one extended straight backward , with your arms hanging with weights in each hand , pull up as if you had a bar there , towards your chest and squeeze! Perform 3 sets of 5 on each leg !


Great job!

Now you are all ready to start your 2021 off with some good energy and exciting exercise! So this 3 times a week for best results and go kick some booty!!

Just remember to be easy on yourself. If you miss a day or a workout or just pick one of the workouts here to start off with, it’s okay! You just starting or just getting off the couch and moving your body is the best thing for yourself to begin. As we like to say , to begin- begin! You got this and we are here rooting for you every step of the way ! Don’t forget to tune into our workout shows every Tuesday at 10pm est on the MeetMe app for live demonstration!


Love you all so much!!

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