Happy NEW YEAR! 2020 ! It’s never too late to start!

2020! NEW YEAR, NEW YOU , Right?? 

So it is the new year, and in 2019 you told yourself you were going to have all of these goals and make them happen in 2020 and they still haven’t happened yet. Don’t get yourself down! You’re still recovering from the holidays and it’s only a couple weeks into the new year! Don’t let that stop you from making 2020 your best year yet! It’s never too late to start ! And today we are going to be going over some of the ways you can make 2020 your healthiest , happiest, most creative , successful year ever! 



Now I know this may sound funny, we all have goals , goals right? That can put a lot of stress on our minds when we put it in the form of a goal. It can make you feel  Intimidated  and puts a lot of pressure on you. But creating a WANT it tricks your mind into thinking in the way of something we crave. (Those new shoes, that juicy steak , that trip to The Bahamas). By creating a want , ( I WANT TO GET FIT, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, I WANT TO EAT BETTER, I WANT TO GAIN MUSCLE) it puts those wants into reality and in your brain creates the endorphins that make you WANT to do it ! So, let’s make a list , Write it down right now! I’m waiting ..... all of your wants for 2020! It’s never too late to start ! 



We all have in our minds a big picture , what our end goal will look like , what we want. We create so much stress on the body that we don’t need , we don’t need that pressure. So we need to start small with our plans for the year. Let’s start this week, Monday , tell yourself “ I am going to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes “ wait , what? Only five minutes? Yes. Because it creates that goal and achievement. You set your goals smaller , you set your wants smaller , and you achieved them. Starting small creates a mindset that you don’t feel the pressure right away to go for the gusto of a 45-1 hour workout hard core. You aren’t going to want to go back to the gym if you tire yourself out like that. So start small , and when you achieve that, you will feel so wonderful and empowered! Add everyday to that WANT and you will get to the point where you are at a 45 minute - 1 hour workout! And you worked your way up to it! It’s all about starting. And beginning. It’s never too late to begin and work yourself slowly, you know what they say.. big things often have small beginnings. :)

CREATE A FUN WAY OF EATING with no limits  

We all loveeee eating. Ugh that fried pizza , that ice cream sundae. Calling your name right? 
You can still eat that way!! All in moderation. So today, let’s make a fun grocery list ! We are going to get some colorful foods and create a masterpiece ! Have it be an art project and have fun with it! Let’s get some chicken or steak , some veggies like bell peppers , and cucumbers , and some pineapple? Let’s make some kabobs ! It is such a fun and easy way to get some nutrients and have fun at the same time - low on salt and high in good nutrients ! Create salads with fresh greens and colorful veggies. The way you go about your food is the way you will feel. So go in that grocery store happy , make a list and have fun with it! Your body will thank you :) 



We are all guilty of getting in bed early just to pop on that Netflix show right!? And then we binge watch that , maybe some YouTube , stalk Instagram and Snapchat a little .. just to find ourselves then lying awake in our own thoughts. Let’s make a habit to get in bed early and read a good book! Just a few pages to quiet the mind , it will transport you to a whole new universe and ease your mind into a peaceful sleep , resulting in a beautiful awakening. Your mind is so powerful, give it a rest from the screen and see your life change. 



Okay everyone! These are just a few tips that we want to focus on this week! It’s never too late to start. So if you are feeling like 2020 already didn’t start to the way you wanted it to, think again. Start today! And see your life change. 

And remember. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are worth it , we love you! Good luck and have an amazing week! 


Allie And Ashley 

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