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This time of year is one of the hardest times for our HANDS! That’s right ! Between washing and scrubbing and using hand sanitizer we need to give our hands some love and affection too! Nobody wants cracked dry bleeding hands! How do you cure them? Well we are here today to help you with just that! We have our favorite AT HOME REMEDIES FOR DRY HANDS! 






WHAT?? I do what now?? Yes! This tip we swear by! We do this almost every morning or evening and it works! All you need is 2 plastic sandwich bags and some Vaseline! After washing your hands take a teaspoon (or more) of Vaseline and massage it into your hands. Then, take a sandwich bag and place it onto each hand. This locks in the moisture and cures dry hands almost instantly! Leave bags on for 30 minutes then go about your day! 



Mix 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/3 cup of granulated sugar together until it becomes one consistency! Then take a scoop and massage it onto your hands , rinse with warm water and feel the soothing effects! Save the rest in a mason jar for a few days ! You can also add essential oil into the mix for a relaxing scent!



Instead of using hot water , use warm water instead! Hot water strips the natural oils from our skin, causing dryness. Cold water also does the same thing , so opt for a perfect temp of warm water when washing up!



Shhhh.. don’t tell, but this ingredient is one of our all around favorite things in the world. Not only does it combat dryness but it feeds your skin with nutrients as well! Coconut oil is one of the most effective remedies for dry skin, it also is an anti-inflammatory  and antibacterial ingredient. Scoop some coconut oil on your hands before bed, massage and rinse off in the morning! Ahh our favorite!



After moisturizing, place gloves on your hands (rubber or cloth ) so that it locks in the moisture! You can go about your daily tasks while soaking in the moisture and elevating the wear and tear moments you may come about during the day!!



Hand lotion is the most common way to combat dryness! After washing your hands keep a bottle of lotion on standby and lotion them babies up! By applying your favorite hang cream after washing - it elevates the dry spell of your hands!! Our favorite hand cream is-

Vaseline Clinical Care Eczema Calming Hand Cream

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There you have it!

Some of our favorite ways to combat this seasons dryness! We hope this helps you! If you have any tips, feel free to leave it in the comments below !


Have a beautiful week! 



-Allie and Ashley

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