How To Motivate Yourself to WORKOUT! (when you don’t really want to.)

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “How Do I Motivate Myself To Exercise / Go to The Gym?”. We know the struggle , you have a plan for the week that you’re going to get up and go to the gym early! 2020 is your year to exercise and get fit! Just to find it’s already Thursday and you haven’t worked out at all and find yourself feeling down. Don’t worry! We have our best tips to help get you motivated to want to grab your sneakers and start now!  



Get Yourself New Workout Clothes 

We know what your thinking , “Can’t I just wear what I have ? My old t-shirt will do! I’m going to sweat anyways.” While this may be true , looking good helps you feel good as well and motivates you! Just imagine how you feel when you wear those new sunglasses you bought , or you’re looking forward to going out this weekend to wear those new shoes? That’s how you’re going to feel with new workout attire! Looking good is feeling good! Get something that matches, that’s bright and cheery, so that by workout time you will want to put those clothes on and walk into that gym with confidence! Dress the part and feel amazing! When you stare at yourself in the mirror you will be like “Dang I look good!”. 

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Grab a Partner!

Anything is more fun when you have your friends involved! Invite one of your pals to come workout with you! That way, you both will be accountable for eachother and will help motivate one another to go and get fit! It’s a great way to distract your brain from thinking “oh gosh how am I going to do this.” To “this is going to be amazing! We are going to have so much fun!” Try a class at your local gym, like studio cycling or yoga! You and your bestie will look forward to it! 


Make A Workout Playlist!

Nothing gets you going like your favorite music! Create a playlist of your favorite up beat songs and title it “MY WORKOUT”! You’ll want to get up and get moving as soon as you hear these tunes! It’ll give you something to look forward to when you hit the treadmill!

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Eat a healthy snack!

Eating healthy , makes you feel healthier already! Before a workout it’s great to get some good protein in so your body has the energy it needs to get going! Opt for a fruit and nut butter smoothie ! Or a cute snack like bananas and peanut / almond butter with a sprinkle of chia seeds! 

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Listen to a Motivational Podcast!

This is one of the best things to help get you going! A few words of affirmation and motivation will help spike your energy levels into that “get going” attitude! Your mind is such a strong vessel, so listening to a podcast is just what you need to help you start exercising!


Plan Out Your Workout!

Instead of going to the gym with an empty mind and feeling insecure, go in with a plan! “Today I’m going to do treadmill for 10 minutes, upper body - bicep curls, triceps, and push ups” etc.  Just to start! It’ll give you a sense of direction without feeling intimidated. Don’t feel like you need to over work yourself right away! Just going to the gym and hopping on that treadmill is a start!  



Workout At Home!

There are so many great exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home ! And most only require you and your yoga mat! Squats, burpees, lunges, push ups, and crunches are just a few to start and are supper effective! Try a few today! 

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Talk to yourself!

Tell yourself “I only have to workout for 10 minutes.” These words alone can create a sense of calm for your body, mind and soul. Giving yourself a limit and talking kindly to yourself , it really makes a difference on how you will feel overall about exercise in general! You don’t need to push yourself right away, start small and build everyday! You will feel accomplished with starting small! 

Stay Hydrated!!

Our biggest tip is to stay hydrated! Nothing helps nourish the brain and body like good ole h20! Drinking plenty of water helps the body quench its thirst, giving you a clearer mind and more energy to result! Get a cool water bottle and get drinking!!!


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There you have it! Our favorite ways to get motivated to go workout! Let us know in the comments if you try these tips and how they worked for you! Also, if you have any of your own tips, we would love to hear them!


Have fun and good luck!



-Allie And Ashley 



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