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Today we have a few yoga poses to help you get better sleep!!! Sleep is very important in your daily life but sometimes it’s just so hard to shut your brain off and actually fall asleep. We are going to be sharing 3 of our favorite poses to do before bed to help you feel restful and fall a sleep faster .


Pose one !! 30 second child’s pose !

Child pose is a really easy exercise to complete all you have to do is keep your knees bent underneath you and lean down with your arms stretching forward or beside you.

Child pose helps stretch the thighs ,hips and ankles. It relaxes the body and your muscles in the front. While also softly stretching the aggressive muscles in your back torso. It opens up your hips and elongates your back. It relieves tension that you create with daily movement. It also helps circulate your blood. It helps you unwind and release all your worries from the day. It can calm and relax you .


Pose two ! 30 second hero pose !


Hero pose is a very easy pose to complete. All you have to do for hero pose yes sit down on your knees bent your back aligned and just breathe.

Why we like doing it before bed is , It can also help with blood circulation.  Relieves tired legs. It stretches the hips, thighs also the ankles! It’s the perfect pose to do after a long hard day. The reason why we love this pose before bed is because it improves digestion. And! Relives gas. It helps relax the body and stop the mind chitchat.


Pose three ! The butterfly pose.

This is one of our favorite poses !!!

Butterfly pose might be a little more complicated but trust us it is so beneficial. All you have to do is sit and spread your legs a little keep your feet aligned and push down your legs as you were a butterfly.


This is perfect to at night and you can also perform this exercise whenever you might be feeling anxiety, because it helps with that. It also helps with depression and fatigue. It stretches the inner thighs knees and groin. It stimulates the heart, and improves gentle circulation. Inhale and stretch your spine forward leaning towards your feet this can really help with your circulation. Release a deep breath and just feel through your body. This is going to help provide you with a wonderful night sleep.



Just a few simple yoga poses before bed can help create an amazing night sleep.

Hope you found this helpful.



Allie and Ashley

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