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Today we are going to be talking about something we love , and kinda go bananas about it. Haha Yes you guessed it! We are going to be talking about Bananas!! Ah what an amazing fruit we have here. There are so many great properties they bring to the table in just one fruit!! Let’s get talking.


First off let’s talk vitamins.

Bananas are full of potassium. What does potassium do you may ask? Potassium is a very important mineral for the body. It helps regulate muscle contraction, fluid balance and nerve signals. Having potassium in your diet can help prevent such things as: osteoporosis and kidney stones . Having potassium in your diet can help lower your blood pressure.

Vitamin B6!

Bananas are super high in vitamin B6. B6 helps with your central nervous system, it also can reduce depression and improve mood.


Vitamin C

Bananas, like other fruits are full of Vitamin C! Vitamin C can add energy to your body and also is a good source if you are battling high blood pressure.



Bananas are also a really good source of fiber. Adding bananas into your diet can create a well balanced diet.


OK so we all know now bananas are really good source to add into every day diet but there’s also so many more things that you can do with bananas such as.


Whitening your teeth.

Do you want a natural tooth whitening.

Eat the banana and keep the skin from the banana. Take the skin from the banana and rub it onto your teeth making a mask for your teeth. Leave this on for 2-5 minutes and then brush your teeth. Like we said, bananas are high in potassium and also magnesium: the skin of the banana can help reduce stains on your teeth.


Removing splinters.

Do you ever get a splinter in your finger and you don’t know what to do? Well you guessed it! Your banana could help. All you have to do is take a skin piece of the banana tape it to your finger, what this does is it helps dislodge that splinter.



Add to your nightly skin regimen.

Bananas are such a great face mask. Rub the banana peel on your face the night before you go to bed and rinse it off in the morning. This helps with fighting fine lines.

It exfoliates the skin and is taking off all greasiness you may have. The vitamins in the banana will help give your skin healthy nutrients. When you rinse off that banana peel in the morning your face will be left feeling fresh and refreshed..

 Bananas can also help with the dryness of your skin. Rub the banana peel on your face, and if you have acne this helps tremendously. It also helps with minor scrapes! And even bug bites.


And Oh my, did you ever guess that bananas  can polish furniture ( leather or your sliver wear) with just the banana peel? Rub the banana peel onto surface and buff with a cloth. (Test on small area first.)


There you have it! Have We not already encouraged you to go out and buy some bananas but to eat those bad boys up! They are full of nutrients full of vitamins to use on the skin and to do many more things with! They are so beneficial, so it’s a win-win.



Hope you are are having a good day. Did we make you go bananas yet;)


Xoxo Allie and Ashley




  • Super good stuff . What are your thoughts about using it on the scalp to detoxify?

    Jimmy Stout
  • Thanks for sharing these great tips!! I never knew half of these things!! Cool stuff!! 😎👍🏻🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌


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