Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well!

TODAY WE ARE GOING NUTS! Yes nuts! Crazy? Maybe. Nuts, yes. 

Okay okay, I know what you may be thinking. “Where are you going with this?”


Well, nuts! Today we are going to share the benefits of our favorite nuts and how they can change your everyday health, mood, body, mind and spirit for the best! So, let’s get cracking! 




Okay we had to start with our personal favorite. ;) Almonds, almond butter, almond cookies! You name it! 
Almonds contain Magnesium, an important property that helps us sleep! They are a great source of protein, give you lasting energy, help with weight loss, and keeps your skin looking younger by being rich in vitamin E and boosting your collagen production!  They also boost your immune system and help with brain function! No wonder they are our favorite;) One of the best nuts out there! 


Who doesn’t love peanuts!? Roasted, salted, honey - covered in whatever you want- kind of nuts! 
These all around favorite kind of nuts contain the same amount of antioxidants as Red Wine, lowering formation of cancerous cells and reducing your risk! Peanuts lower blood sugar and help promote heart health! Peanuts contain amino acids which in turn, boosts hair growth! Ready for another reason to munch, get ready Men! Peanuts may treat Erectile Disfunction! Yeah you heard us right! Peanuts are rich in arginine, an essential amino acid that is a possible treatment for Erectile Disfunction! No wonder peanuts are popular! 



Oh this salty snack! One of our favorites to munch on! The benefits of the powerful pistachio will shock you! Okay let’s get into it!

 Pistachios are a rich source of protein! Relative of their size, just a few of these  nuts (one ounce) contain 6 grams of protein! Eating this protein rich food helps hunger cravings for those unhealthy cravings you may have later in the day! In return helping for weight loss! Pistachios are also an amazing source of antioxidants! They contain vitamin B6 which help with cardiovascular health and keeps your brain as sharp as a tac! They are great for eye health as well! So get your self some pistachios and get snacking !


Well, didn’t that drive you NUTS? I know what you’re thinking now! Man, am I hungry! 

Happy snacking!




-Allie and Ashley

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