Selenite - Worry Stone Crystal
Selenite - Worry Stone Crystal

Selenite - Worry Stone Crystal

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Selenite will never fail to let you down with its powerful healing properties.  Selenite Crystals are helpful to remove any and all energy blockages in the body.

You can place Selenite on an area of your body that feels painful and within 20 minutes you will feel relief. Selenite is a protective stone and will shield a person and/ or space from any outside influences.

Use Selenite as an eraser and wand your body (and aura) off in a downwards motion at the end of a day to clear any energies that have been collected that do not serve your highest good.

Selenite is the most powerful crystal for insomniacs. Place it under your pillow or on your bedside for the cure to a sleeping pill. Selenite is also used as a worry stone. Keep it in your palm or pocket and feel the magic working!

Hold Selenite at your solar plexus for energy clearing power. The powerful vibration of this crystal can open, clear and activate the Crown and High Chakras and is an incredible Crystal for every type of spiritual workings.




*Crystals vary in size. Can keep in pocket. Comes with only 1 (one) Crystal*