The Perfect Pumper + BUNDLE

The Perfect Pumper + BUNDLE

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The Perfect Pumper is your AT HOME GYM! This Perfect Pumper is the secret to getting the body of your dreams! Use the Perfect Pumper to sculpt, build muscle, and tone any part of your body! This medium strength band is perfect for all body types! The Perfect Pumper is portable ! Bring it to the gym for more intensity or keep it in your bag for your on the go workout! The Perfect Pumper will build your body to your desires in no time! 


Instructional videos with Allie And Ashley are included with The Perfect Pumper! They are our best easy- to - follow workouts so that you can workout along with us using your Perfect Pumper

These workouts are all AT HOME so you can workout anywhere , anytime! Easy to follow exercises help build, sculpt and tone your muscles without the hassle of even leaving your home!!

Workouts include: Sexy Six Pack Abs! Building Biceps and Back and Build a Booty / blasting Leg exercises! 

Let’s Get Started on The Body of Your Dreams today!


  **After you purchase this bundle, you will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase that will include a link to access the workout videos**